Foil Printing Work :-

We are are offering Fabric Foil Printing service to our customers.

Foil Printing is a trending printing process in which the foil (glossy sheet in colors like gold, silver etc) is used to give better look to t-shirts or garment. An adhesive is applied on garment via screen printing process and then the foil is applied to the garment via heat press Foil screen printing is applied to your garments by first printing your design with special glue. We then adhere the foil to the glue with our heat press. The combination of heat and pressure seal the foil before the excess is removed. The results are always sure to turn heads and create smiles.
Foil printing is the process of adding foil accents to your printed pieces. Rather than ink in foil stamping uses a metallic material to add embellishments to your printed products. Heat, pressure, metal dies and
foil film are used in the Foil printing process. If you have the right equipment then, this process may be simple, you can directly apply foil printing to clothes. The foil is first of all printing and cut using special glue and a press. Then, the colored foil is stuck to the fabric using a heat press. oil Printing is a way to give your t-shirt design and add Sparkle that makes them stand out it works great as a design , accent as well as bold iconic statement, your design will POP , Foil is premium method  so it should be done correctly
most of the common foil colour are

1)Silver Foil

2) Copper Foil

3) Light-Gold Foil

4) Dark-Gold Foil

5) Gun Metal Foil

6) Water-Gold Foil

7) Multi-Foil

8) Double-Tone Foil

9) Rose-Gold Foil

The process:

    The hot foil die is attached to the machine and heated up.    Foil is placed between the die and the substrate to be printed.    Pressure is then applied by pulling the handle of the machine to bring the two briefly together to adhere the foil to the substrate.

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